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Manual tire pressure gauges, PU Spiral hoses, Safety couplings in push-button design


Adjust the pressure of your tires straightforwardly with our manual tire inflators. With the combination of a spiral hose made of polyurethane and a push-button safety coupling, the compressed air arrives safely in the tire.

Manual tire pressure gauges.

Compressed air tire inflators featuring a single-lever mechanism make it easy for you to adjust and read or check the pressure in all types of tires for cars, motorcycles, agricultural machinery, trailers, bicycles, etc. The actual pressure is readily legible on the gauge, thanks to dual scales in bar and psi.

Choose between calibrated and uncalibrated versions and between several plug variants, namely quick, lever, or gas-station style connectors. The fully rubberized protective cover ensures a robust tire gauge that can withstand daily use in workshops. To make it easy to access hard-to-reach places, RIEGLER manual tire pressure gauges are equipped with a rotating 50 cm hose. Meanwhile, the integrated NW 7.2 – 7.8 nipple plug makes it easy to connect compressed air couplings.

Your advantages in using manual tire pressure gauges:

  • Dual bar/psi pressure scale
  • Single lever operating mechanism
  • Robust with fully rubberized protective cover
  • Calibrated/uncalibrated versions
  • Different plug options
  • Rotating 50 cm hose

Manual tire pressure gauges

Digital tire pressure gauges

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Spiral hoses made of polyurethane.

Spiral hoses give you the flexibility you need for all compressed air applications in workshops or at assembly workplaces. Supply your hose couplings, blow guns, tire fillers, or other tools with compressed air – in the tightest of spaces. Working lengths between 3 and 10 meters give you the space you need. Use spiral hoses so you always have at hand your tools connected to the compressed air supply, with no need to worry about problems like hose weight or twisting.

Your advantages in using PU spiral hoses:

  • Good recoil force
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Working lengths between 3 and 10 meters
  • Soft hose material prevents scratching of sensitive surfaces
  • Also available as ready-made sets

Spiral hoses, polyurethane

Spiral hoses and coupling kits,

Spiral hose and blow gun »Typhoon« kits,

Take a look at our spiral hoses made of polyurethane directly in the online store. Simply click on the relevant image to do so.

Safety couplings in push-button design conforming to DIN EN ISO 4414.

Hose couplings consist of two components – coupling socket and plug. They are the ideal interface for safely and quickly connecting or disconnecting the flow of gaseous or liquid mediums in lines. This allows you to connect and disconnect systems, units, devices, and their applications efficiently and reliably.

Safety couplings protect you from the notorious “whiplash effect” of hoses and virtually eliminate the risk of injury to you. The first time the push-button on the one-hand coupling is pressed, venting is triggered, while the plug (male or female) remains secured in the coupling. After the second push, the plug is released. These safety couplings are not suitable for direct mounting on pulsating tools. We recommend you use our vibration dampers, in line with ISO 6150, Section 7.1.

Your advantages in using push-button safety couplings:

  • No whiplash effect due to the two-stage decoupling and quick venting
  • Compatible with all RIEGLER insertion nozzles and nipples of NW 7.2 - 7.8
  • RIEGLER ring solution allows for simple branding
  • Optimized valve allows higher flow compared to other brand products
  • Knurling ensures a tight grip so that the couplings does not slip out of your hand

Push-button safety couplings, ET

Push-button safety couplings, IT

Push-button safety couplings, Sleeve

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