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Universal distributor, Input/Output G1/2, Connection 6 x G1/2

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Universal distributor, Input/Output G1/2, Connection 6 x G1/2, operat.pressure (air/water) max.15 bar, ambient temp. 1 °C to 50 °C

Made of plastic PA6 GF 30.

End and through distributor sockets made of high strength, glass fibre reinforced plastic (PA6 GF 30) with large range of applications.

Optionally 1 or up to 3 connection options as well as 2 thread sizes for internal and external threads (cannot be combined). For vertical carrying of media.

Universal distributor socket with up to 6 connection options. Suitable for vertical and/or horizontal carrying of media or the secure connection (avoidance of existing components) of pressure reducer or maintenance device, for example.

All distributor sockets have a durable brass threaded insert, whose shape secures it against rotation and against axial shift due to its shape.

Suitable for media compressed air (ambient temperature -10 °C to 50 °C) or water (ambient temperature 1 °C to 50 °C). Drilling diagram dimensions

are identical for all distributor sockets, so a simpler and more flexible exchange between end, through and universal distributor sockets is ensured.


Note that the distributor sockets should not be installed in danges zones. Danger zones are, for example, transport routes, escape routes, etc.

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CAS-No. SVHC 1 7439-92-1
Connecting thread 6 x G 1/2
Housing Glass fibre-reinforced plastic PA6 GF 30
Inlet thread G 1/2
Max. operating pressure [bar] 15
Max. temperature range [°C] 50
Max. tightening torque brass thread [Nm] 12
Max. tightening torque mounting holes [Nm] 4
Page No. WEB
REACH Info enthält SVHC Stoff
RoHs compliant yes
SVHC 1 Lead
Through-hole thread G 1/2
country of origin DE
customs tariff number 84818099