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Filter regulator »FUTURA«, PC, Size 4, G 1, 0.5-8 bar, Fully a.

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FU 6121
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Filter regulator »FUTURA«, with PC container, Protective cage, Pressure gauge, 5 µm, Size 4, G 1, Control range 0.5-8 bar, Fully


Filter regulators with excellent flow rates in modern design.

The regulator knob can be latched and locked.

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A [mm] 85.0
B [mm] 343.0
Bowl Polycarbonate container with protective cage
C [mm] 137.0
Condensate drain Fully-automatic
Connecting thread Material: Die-cast zinc
Diaphragms NBR
Filter element Cellpor (PE)
Filter rating [µm] 5.0
Flow rate [l/min] 13000
Flow rate measurement At P1 = 10 bar, P2 = 6.3 bar and pressure drop Δp = 1 bar
Housing PA66 GF60
Max. control range [bar] 8.0
Max. input pressure [bar] 16
Max. internal air consumption 1.5 l/min (depending on secondary pressure)
Max. temperature range [°C] 50
Medium Compressed air, neutral gases
Min. control range [bar] 0.5
Min. input pressure [bar] 1.5
Min. temperature range [°C] -10
Page No. HK033
Pressure gauge display max. [bar] 10.0
Pressure gauge display min. [bar] 0.0
Sealant NBR
Size 4
Thread G 1
air consumption Yes


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