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Stopper valve pneumatically actuated, G 1/2, Plug connector 12/4

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Stopper valve pneumatically actuated, G 1/2, Plug connector 12/4, Working pressure max. 10 bar, Medium / ambient temp. max. 70°C


For high-speed positioning and stop functions as well as emergency switching (e.g. emergency stop). If a control signal is present at port 3, air can flow to and from the cylinder. If no control signal is present, the air flow to and from the cylinder is shut off, causing the cylinder to stop in the required position. Stop valves are screwed directly onto the cylinder instead of the normal pipe connections.

Note: Pilot pressure is depending on operating pressure.

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B [mm] 72.0
C [mm] 41.0
Material Nickel-plated brass
Max. ambient temperature [°C] 70
Max. medium temperature [°C] 70
Max. operating pressure [bar] 10
Max. pilot pressure [bar] 5.0
Min. pilot pressure [bar] 1.0
Mounting position Any, ring piece can be rotated 360° after tighten. the valve
Page No. HK507
Port 1 G 1/2
Port 2 12 mm
Port 3 4 mm
Sealant NBR